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Online Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Online mediation is not untried, not untested and is certainly not a new service.

Many disputes and conflicts have been settled online for many years.

Success in mediation is about having healthier dialogue, improving engagement, and an understanding that healthy, well managed conflict is a valuable force for change and innovation, and while it may be preferred, mediation does not have to take place in a face to face environment.

If there are parties involved in a dispute or conflict, and circumstances mean they cannot meet, it does not mean communication and resolution cannot take place.
Pogo Mediation offer mediation and conflict resolution, using many types of communication channels that suit the individual, such as video conferencing – Zoom, Skype, Facetime, or VoIP, phone or email.

The benefits to online mediation include:-

  • Appointments can be scheduled and booked quickly, and to suit the parties own schedule.
  • Parties can feel safer, more relaxed and in greater control of the situation by receiving mediation in their own home or workspace.
  • There can be directness and a willingness to get to the root cause of the issues quicker, as there is a greater focus on the use of time in finding a common goal.
  • If writing we can be more direct, and are more succinct with our words, on what is required to get to a solution.

What is different in the process for online mediation…Nothing.

The mediation process remains the same. We still follow our seven stage process. It’s just the environment that changes.


An agreement through mediation can usually be obtained far quicker than any other conflict resolution process.

Maintaining Relationships
Maintaining a personal relationship with a friend, family member or neighbour is a key benefit of mediation. A professional mediator can help the parties focus on effectively communicating with each other to find a future that works for everyone involved in the dispute.

Control of the outcome

Mediation increases the control the parties have over the resolution.

Each party is directly involved in negotiating their own agreement and no settlement can be imposed upon them.

Win / Win Solutions
Professional mediators are trained in working with difficult situations. The mediator acts as a neutral facilitator and supports each party throughout the process. The mediator listens to everyone’s views, talks to the parties privately and guides them towards a
settlement agreeable to all parties.

Everything said at the mediation is entirely confidential to the parties, unless specifically agreed otherwise.

The Pogo Mediation process:

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