• Workplace mediation
  • Training and awareness programmes tailored for workplace intervention.


Interpersonal mediation
– Additional mediation services for nonworkplace mediation situations, such as neighbour disputes, or family disputes.

Conflict Resolution

  • Investigation services for significant compliance issues in businesses, including, but not limited to.

– Harassment

– Bullying

– Conflict of interest

– Policy breaks

• Working alongside HR professionals to provide support and guidance on matters such as :-

– Grievances

– Conflict of interests.

  • Creation of and implementation of policies and procedures that facilitate communication in the workplace, leading to trust, harmony and increased efficiency.

What we can do for you

  • Apply a model of mediation to resolve conflict in the work place setting.
  • Promote dialogue and collaboration among people who are in dispute.
  • Work with individuals who find themselves coming repeatedly into dispute with others.
  • Provide independent investigation and solutions which enables management to comply with their duties, and be
    committed to dealing fairly with workplace conflict.
  • Provide independent third party support to business HR when the integrity of any grievance or dispute maybe in question.

What we will not do

  • We will not give legal advice

We are not solicitors who advise people of how to win or successfully defend claims.

  • We will not evaluate employment claims

Our aim is to support the early resolution of disputes so that a claim does not have to be made.

  • We will not use mediation purely as a box-ticking exercise

We advise and encourage people to try mediation in good faith and with the intention of ending their dispute.

  • We will not quote exaggerated percentage ‘settlement rates’ for our mediation successes

Success in mediation does not have to mean reaching a watertight written agreement or contract. We could do that one hundred percent of the time, but it would not necessarily mean any improvement in people’s lives or relationships.