As a mediator we get great satisfaction when parties come to an agreement and leave emotionally in a better place than when they arrived and with a feeling that a fair outcome was achieved. 

A win/win outcome, whereby all parties walk away with an outcome that is agreeable to them, can only be achieved if they believe that the process and the outcome was fair. 

Look up the word, “fair, in a dictionary and you will see words such as just, unbiased, equitable, in accordance with the rules. These are great words but how does this apply to mediation? 

For the parties, fairness, regarding the outcome or agreement is for us, as mediators hard to measure. Any outcome is going to be subjective to each party, and any outcome needs to be reasonable and to meet their expectations. For successful mediation the parties, need to be open to the process, listen and act respectably towards the other parties, and importantly to be actively engaged in working towards a resolution that brings about a better future for all those involved. 

At Pogo Mediation we are committed to ensuring that we continually use our skills to facilitate a fair outcome, for all those involved. “fair,” to us means that people, whether that be individuals or group are treated equally and with respect. Our role is to create trust, and to ensure that fairness is applied to the process, that parties are given equal time to speak, and to be heard, to discuss solutions, and to ensure that the environment is safe and confidential.  

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