During this period of global lockdowns and imposed isolation, many things have changed regarding work and employment, and that we have no idea of what “returning to normal”, will be.

It is true to say that some have enjoyed furlough and/or working from home and will want something different in the new normal regarding their working environment and the balance with home life, but it is also true to say, that for others, the isolation and not being in a busy working environment, has had detrimental effects on their health and wellbeing.

Staff may have been on furlough or working from home, and as such it may seem for many in business that the day to day conflicts between, staff, management and the organisations, that they may have been having, have lessened or indeed gone away. Unfortunately this is not the case, conflict in the workplace has not stopped or been eradicated.

As time goes on we are seeing more issues being brought to mediation than ever before. Issues that have been heightened by isolation fear of job losses and sadly the feeling of abandonment that staff have felt at this time.

This has not been intentional on the part of the businesses, after all, any organisation has a responsibility to ensure that their staff are working in an environment that is productive, safe, and free from conflict, but not all businesses have been able to put in place procedures for this situation or have the resources to deal with the matters that are arising from it.

It is vital at this, and any time to ensure that greater communication channels exist for staff to be heard and to be able to raise issues and concerns no matter where they are located, and for those issues raised to be acted upon.

Our concern at Pogo mediation, is that as restrictions are lifted and a return to work is requested, staff with heightened emotions and anxieties, which they may have had and may continue to have as a result of the Covid19 situation, may struggle to adapt to new ways of working, to interact again with colleagues and management, and as a result, conflict situations may quickly arise.

This increased conflict with colleagues and management if not handled in a timely manner and professionally, has the potential to lead to demoralised and unhappy staff, retention issues, a decrease in efficiency, and potentially destabilise any company at a time when it needs to focus on a future of growth and stability.

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